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Trailers Available For Hire – MAW Media Weymouth
We have AdTrailers for rent, available for anything from 5 days trailer rental to long term hire. Please select the type of hire trailer you require for further information and prices.

Email the MAW Media Sales Department for help choosing the hire trailer you require.

First time hirers will need a valid UK driving licence, utility bill dated within the last 60 days and a credit/debit card in the same name as the driving licence.

Legal Requirements

It is up to the hirer to check they have the correct entitlement on their driving licence (must be a UK one) to ensure they are legal to tow the trailer they are hiring, if you are unsure please visit the Towing and the Law page

Number Plates

It is the responsibility of the hirer to ensure there is a legal number plate on the trailer you are hiring, we can provide the means to fix it onto the trailer if need be.

Anyone taking their hire trailer without a legal number plate do so at their own risk. (Please note hand written number plates are not classed as a legal number plate)


Outdoor Advertising


Our Backlit Trailer are like taking a static backlit billboard poster with the advantage of been mobile, dynamic and versatile in where and who they can go and target.

AdTrailers Hire

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We have a selection of Advertising Backlit trailers for hire. If you are needing a AdTrailer to hire please book well in advance.

Hire Rates

Backlit AdTrailers
No Days / Weeks Prices
5 Days £ 375.00
1 Week £ 475.00
9 Days £ 675.00
12 Days £ 750.00
2 Weeks £ 800.00

General Information

• Additional days can be added at an extra cost which will vary depending on the service/duration of services booked.
• MAW Media reserve the right to amend this matrix however all prices are correct at time of print.
• Terms are strictly proforma unless otherwise agreed before hand.
• Sheet backlit displays at £495 for a pair of vinyl posters.
• Rear display for backlit display in colour £120.

All prices excluding VAT

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